Three Year Old Program


Eligibility: Children must be 3 years old by August 1, 2019

Prerequisite:  Potty trained

Days:  Tuesday and Thursday

Times:  8:30-11:00, 9:30-12:00 or 10:30-1:00


Ratio:  2 Teachers & 1 Teacher Assistant / ~18 students

Tuition:  $140.00/month*

Registration: $85.00 non-refundable fee

* Nine monthly payments from August 10th to April 10th.

Our Three Year Old Program offers the children an opportunity to grow and learn through play in our positive, caring environment. Our experienced teachers gently guide the children in socialization skills as they learn to interact with their peers and respect the feelings of others.

Thematic units of foundational reading and math readiness skills are introduced to these young learners. Colors, shapes, sequencing, patterning, rote counting, rhyming, letter and number recognition are some curriculum topics introduced in age appropriate materials, art projects, games, and activities. Learning basic, proper etiquette in the classroom is an additional goal of this fun-filled year.

The natural imagination of a three year old adds to this exciting time for these children. Our Big Room play allows the freedom to self-express with costumes, painting, blocks, gross motor movement, imaginative play and more. Promoting creativity while building self-esteem are important aspects of this program as we focus on developing the whole child.

Sample Day

  • Welcome Center - letter/number of the week, songs, finger plays
  • Big Room Play - gross motor skills, dramatic play, blocks, painting
  • Snack
  • Art
  • Math/Reading skills
  • Outdoor Play - weather permitting
  • Story
  • Group Activities - games, music, dancing
  • Special Activities
  • Fall Nature Walk
  • Holiday Parties
  • Spring Sing
  • Bus Ride/Picnic