Four Year Old Program


Eligibility:  Children must be 4 years old by August 1, 2019

Days:  Monday-Wednesday- Friday

Times:  8:30-11:30



Ratio:  2 Teachers & 1 Teacher Assistant / ~20 students

Tuition:  $200.00/month*

Registration: $85.00 non-refundable fee

* Nine monthly payments from August 10th to April 10th.

Our Four Year Old Program is designed to promote the education of your preschooler, both socially and academically, in a stimulating and nurturing environment.

The social skills of interacting with peers, making new friends, negotiating solutions to conflicts, and learning to share, continue to grow and expand at this age. Assisting in the development of these skills will be a focus this year. The children will also be encouraged to use proper classroom etiquette, such as: following directions, listening, completing tasks and accepting responsibilities. Knowing these practices will be helpful tools for future classroom experiences.

Academically, your child will be immersed in early reading and fundamental math concepts through fun and engaging thematic units. Readiness skills such as letter/sound recognition, left-to-right directionality, rhyming, opposites, and early printing skills are reinforced throughout the entire school year. A math foundation will be built with activities that include patterning, sequencing, sorting, numeric recognition and awareness.

With the guidance of our qualified and caring staff, the children complete our program prepared for Kindergarten feeling confident and positive about school.

Sample Day

  • Welcome Center - letter of the week, songs, finger plays
  • Big Room Play - gross motor skills, dramatic play, blocks, painting
  • Snack
  • Art
  • Math/Reading skills
  • Outdoor Play - weather permitting
  • Story
  • Enrichment Activities
  • Monday - Physical Wellness
  • Wednesday - Visit Wise Owl Library
  • Friday - "Fun Friday"
  • Special Activities during School Year
  • Firehouse Visit
  • Grandparents' Tea
  • Pop-Tot Breakfast
  • Pet Day
  • Derby Day
  • Bus Ride/Picnic
  • Holiday Parties
  • Graduation

Fun Friday

As part of our curriculum to develop and broaden a child's learning experience, we have introduced our Fun Friday Program. On Fridays, guests arrive, share their interest in entertaining presentations, all while interacting with the children. These various and diverse subject areas offer a well-rounded exposure to spark a child's interest in new activities. Examples of our Fun Friday Programs are:

  • Spanish
  • Cincinnati Zoo Outreach
  • Dan the Music Man
  • Yoga
  • Mr."Cowpie" and his farm animals
  • Suzki violin
  • Cool Critter
  • Exercise with Erin

Enrichment Program

In addition to our Four Year Old Program, we offer a five day Enrichment Class designed for children who are developmentally ready to expand their skills in a more academic curriculum. These creative, imaginative and mature children can follow school rules and are independent workers. Admission to this program is limited to current students presently attending our Three Year Old Program. A teacher recommendation based on established benchmarks is required.

Children will learn emergent reading skills: left to right directionality, sound/letter recognition, rhyming words, and early printing skills. A strong math foundation will be built with activities that include patterning, sequencing, sorting, number recognition, and numeric awareness.